Sunday, June 22


Gerrit left pool six pm car heavy
garlic smell woolen socks
legwarmers & pasta salad
keep pushing pictures three
read them then post video & audio this time

want to go swimming walk barefoot walk in the mud read backlog
to want to know something : read the blog

& came across amanda threatens

I'm not a poet community lives lived

here on the podium of the guest room The Amerindian Coastline Poem
& a map with your hands make the outline of

a super hero

at my mother's I almost brought back a t-shirt with Wonder Woman pictured
on it

don't see myself as Lynda Carter but yet can fashion super bracelets
from toilet paper rolls

can separate out and ask just what the fuck does avant-garde mean?

hedges of green motor boat poised in the water gata hides
surge & hindsight

downpour once again on & off on & off hard to tell these days

thought I saw a hint of lightening out the corner of my eye...

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