Tuesday, June 17

Good morning everyone! I'm sorry ths week's crush list is late; I was off with poets getting crush. Here it is, in all its glory...

10. Nick Piombino
9. Mike County
8. Jordan Davis
7. Michael Carr
6. Ed Barrett
5. Jim Behrle
4. Gerrit Lansing
3 (here's a tie- note to follow)
Joel Sloman and Christina Strong
2. Chris Rizzo
1. Tim Peterson

I know that when there is a tie I am supposed to count it as 3 and 4, but this way I get an extra spot... and I like so many poets this week! If Jim can write Haiku, my 10-spot crush list can have 11.

I'm still getting used to being home. Gata is just starting to speak to me. I'm going to go off into the garden for a few minutes and spend some time away from this sreen before I get into it all. Then I'll throw on my new green sneakers and get myself to work.

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