Tuesday, June 10

The day is going well now. The first round of babysitting is done. Work was good, the boss was happy enough with everything and I got what I needed to do done in no time at all. They didn't keep my Dad at MGH, although he isn't doing better. But he's home, and that is good.

Listen to this. Last night my grandfather and Charlotte went to some event on the Lannon. When they got off the boat they met this Norwegian guy in the parking lot. He needed a place to stay, so they took him to the Crow's Nest to try to get a room. All the rooms were full, so they brought this guy home and had him stay here (for those who don't know I live on the third floor of his house). It was very nice of them, but when I know they are bringing home Norwegian fisherman strangers, I wish I had a door between their part of the house and my apartment.

I've got banana bread in the oven for the wee Elijah to eat tomorrow. This will be the first time my sister leaves him all day. I'm looking forward to it.

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