Friday, May 28

Rain, rain, go away. At the beginning of the week I was happy for the rain, for its watering my garden. Now my lettuce looks like it could use a little sun.

I could too.

Wednesday, May 26

I think I will stay away from comment boxes from here on out. Except I do need to point this out: My local IGA carries brown bread without raisins. I bought some for Mark. This may be the best thing to come of a comment box.

It is safe to say that carrying things from my third-floor apartment down to the car is not the best way for me to spend my time. My lungs have less and less room to work and after just one or two trips I am winded.

It is another rainy day here and I am trying my best to keep myself moving anyway. I don't think I'll ever get enough done.

Monday, May 24

I missed the lilacs. Didn't cut them for my bedside in time and now they are turning brown. I did get some hydrangea which are pretty but not as euphoric to smell.

My new to-do list helps get things done.

Sunday, May 23

Babs came home for the weekend and got me going-- boxes packed and moved over tot he new house, garden planted with peas and lettuce. Sunflowers that came up on their own put together in clumps for my mother to paint later in the year.

Trimmed the rose bush a little. It is big and mean and left me bleeding. My clippers are too small to get the great branches but I have cleared some of them enough that they will be easier to pull out of the mess once I find some bigger clippers.

Friday, May 21

Ate a good breakfast and I'm getting ready to leave the house. Shopping list in hand- silly little things but necessary, all of them....

I will get a crib from my sister today and see if it is safe. I am getting a little less freaked out about baby stuff as I am coming up with lists of things I can borrow from friends rather than buy or have bought for me. Baby Bjorn, car seat, swing, etc. So much stuff.

Tuesday, May 18

I thought I was ready to have a baby until I tried to register this afternoon. I think I am ready for baby, but I don't know if I will ever be ready for baby stuff. Any advice on strollers (esp. from people who walk on city streets with bad sidewalks), car seats or diaper bags would be greatly appreciated. I need help.

Saturday, May 15

Instructions for the day:

Take one lilac blossom from a bunch.

Place the blossom in between your lips, crown side facing out.

Gently breathe in the nectar.

Thursday, May 13

A lot of people say things like "I'll come help you with your house." I am realizing now that I need that help. I don't know if anybody is really into doing things that really aren't fun, but I thought I should just write what I would like to get done here and if anybody feels like doing them they can tell me.

This weekend I would like to get a room or two painted or ready to paint and get the cellar swept so we can put things in it.
Today I am going to try to be more hopeful about everything. Things are good- these kittle kicks in the belly are proof of that. And how many people can say their grandfather drove off a 35-foot cliff, flew for 85 feet and will be okay? The house is going slowly, but for crying out loud, we have a house.

It's not that I have been down. I've just been really really really stressed out. I've got to get over that. My bedroom smells like roses and there are birds singing outside.

Wednesday, May 12

So I had a lovely birthday, thanks in no small part to Gerrit Lansing. And I start to relax, things start to calm down and I am a little less stressed out. Then I get home last night and find out that my grandfather has driven his RV off of a cliff somewhere in Utah. He's okay, things will be okay, but I am back thrown back into my weepy state of family stress and pregnancy hormones.

This too shall pass, right?

I owe a lot of people messages. I'm getting there.

Sunday, May 2

Home in a clean house. 10 River Rd was shown for the first time today. Out of respect for the real estate agent I did my best to make it very clean and attractive, at least on the third floor. Now it looks real nice up here but since I spent all day yesterday working on it I can't seem to move today.

I developed the pregnancy waddle overnight. Just woke up this morning and couldn't walk in any way that doesn't look duck-like. I guess I knew this would happen.

I'm in a knitting slump. I think I will try to overcome it by knitting things to send to Afghanistan. You can try too, if you want- visit Afghans for Afghans. I'll be sending stuff soon, hopefully. Yeah. Anything I send to countries we are in the habit of bombing I don't have to move, right?