Friday, February 27

These names sure are tempting....

Thursday, February 26

Watching the minutes tick away... Celtis is ahead by two goals, check it out at

Sick yesterday, recovering today. Happy to spend some time out of bed.

New list for the sidebar: potential names. What would you name a Cook baby?

Thursday, February 19

Beans delayed until a later date, cooked but no fun to eat alone.

Wednesday, February 18

Soaking small white beans overnight. For baked beans tomorrow. To eat with Fenway Franks, in celebration of the new year.

Monday, February 16

Having one of those days. The little things that shouldn't bother me do. I can't do anything about the big things. Paid bills, forgot to leave money for the car in the shop with the busted air-conditioner compressor. Trying Gata on dry food only. We keep running out of wet and feeding her tuna and kippered snacks. She won't starve.

Head hurts, congested and stressed. Can't take anything for any of it. April is the cruelest month, huh? I'd like to challenge that one.

Wednesday, February 11

Can I enter the draft? Do I count as i or ii?
Washed the leaves of the plant that has been next to my bed for years. Moved it to the top of the bookcase where the long-dead goldfish plant was. Moved the miniature orange tree to the window where the first plant was.

The car has gone from grumbliing to grinding to klink-klanking. Tomorrow she goes in. We'll see if she comes out.

Maray Cassat and candy heart stamps. Ralking about the mean postman with Lenny and Rob. His life must be bad. To be so mean.

Finished the book I was reading and it's too bad there isn't more.

Spring catalogs are easy to recycle these days. Nothing fits me and nothing will fit me for some time.

Sunday, February 8

In the worst mood today for no apparent reason. I think it's getting better. Wrapped books for four hours. Watched a stupid movie. That helped. Maybe a warm bath next.

I realized last night that I have started giving canned answers sometimes when people ask about my father. I am sorry for that. Sometimes it is easier than actually thinking about it. That's why Hallmark makes cards, so we don't have to think about things too much. Jack's first poem nearly killed me with the air in the lungs and all. Took things back out of catch phrases.

Gata has been stalking me whenever I am home. She wants me in bed at all times so she can curl up around my legs. I suppose that's what we all really want anyway.

Tuesday, February 3

Little heart beating double-time, swifter than I imagined. Mind wanders. Always wandering sometimes lost. On whom? Whomever!