Sunday, May 22

Today is my father's birthday and I want it to be noted there are cedar timbers in my yard yes my yard and I ate a proccessed meat sandwich this evening and tried hard to enjoy sitting my peas are several iches tall. I didn't go to the cemetary. My grandfather won't go to the zoo.

Today I did the work I had to do. Today is my father's birthday. Tomorrow is Monday tomorrow I clean the house and today I leave dishes in the sink. I knit until my fingers hurt. Today I don't call people I should and I don't call people who think I should. Today I woke up tired.

Tomorrow i will clean the dog shit out of the yard. I will put the folded laundry away. I will vacuum the floor and pay the bills. Tonight I will go upstairs to the people I love. Today is my father's birthday. I want it to be noted.

Friday, May 20

Screen Door

Screen Door
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Thursday, May 12

Spring in full bloom in Seattle hints of honeysuckle in the air. Abigail pulling her socks off to celebrate the weather. She takes ovder the job of flirting: record-store boys and resturanters fall at her feet.

Monday, May 2

I became mean the first time I mocked. I became talented when I realized I had some skill at it. I became funny when I saw that you enjoyed it.

Is this a lack of trust or just not caring? Do you mean you like my shoes or do you mean you are uncertain about the decisions you made but you know they are better than the ones I made? I am proud of myself because I can blame this on my mother. What can you blame on your mother?

I am really not interested. No, I mean I am really not interested. I mean I am the most uninterested of us all. I think it's quaint.

Would you like to come over to see what I do when I'm bored? I am never bored. Wait, I am never boring. I am often bored.