Sunday, May 22

Today is my father's birthday and I want it to be noted there are cedar timbers in my yard yes my yard and I ate a proccessed meat sandwich this evening and tried hard to enjoy sitting my peas are several iches tall. I didn't go to the cemetary. My grandfather won't go to the zoo.

Today I did the work I had to do. Today is my father's birthday. Tomorrow is Monday tomorrow I clean the house and today I leave dishes in the sink. I knit until my fingers hurt. Today I don't call people I should and I don't call people who think I should. Today I woke up tired.

Tomorrow i will clean the dog shit out of the yard. I will put the folded laundry away. I will vacuum the floor and pay the bills. Tonight I will go upstairs to the people I love. Today is my father's birthday. I want it to be noted.

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