Tuesday, June 10

Since the ingrediants for banana bread are not yet at room temperature I am lstening to Nick Piombino's poems from PM on Jism. It freaked Gata right out when they first came on.

I'm afraid I will be a bit too earnest over the next few days. I pulled a j at dinner last night, making wisecracks at every turn. Avoiding it all. I guess that's why I did the water thing last night. Too much Tomfoolery. Turn to a fear that can be addressed, one that is without consequence. It's going to be a long week. I'm sorry.

My friend Patrick is suspicious of my new friend Patrick.

Nick, Gata has gotten used to the poems. She is saying something sbout them, but as she only speaks Spanish, I'm afraid I can't get at the true meaning of what she is saying.

I'm off to work. Enjoy the day.

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