Tuesday, June 24

I just had a perfectly nice day go horribly wrong. All because of the a very very very mean postman. I rushed out of work, even left things undone to get to the post office before they close the window at 4:45. I got down there at about 4:40. They guy (not the usual Lenny) started screaming at me. He yelled at me for about 5 minutes. Not light yelling, either. I did pretty well, held my own and even yelled back once or twice. Didn't cry til I got into the car. If he hadn't spent the time yelling at me he could have closed at 4:45, but with all the gesturing and yelling and hemming and hawing we didn't finish until 4:50. I know it sucks to have to stay later at work, but it wouldn't have been an issue if he had just stopped yelling the first time I apologized and we both would have gotten out of there on time.

So now I am having a beer and eating pickles to try to cheer myself up.

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