Sunday, June 22

My friends have all gone home. The house isn't a mess and it feels cozy still. I enjoyed reading what everybody wrote. It's fun to go to one's own blog and not know what is there. I've got a buzz in myhead, not a bad one, but I don't think I'll be sleeping any time soon. I'm very fond of my friends and wish I lived closer to them. Maybe I wish they lived closer to me. I'm glad to have them out to Gloucester.

It is raining hard again. Somebody has closed one of the windows in the living room (thank you) that was probably letting too much water in. Here in the study the window is open but the rain tends to fall in such a way that it makes no difference.

It is raining so much lately I wouldn't doubt it if our phone goes dead again.

There is some knitting night gossip for Greg Cook (no relation)- Melanie had a baby girl this morning.

Someone left a Pabst Blue Ribbon up on the shelf by the globe. I like it there.

Tonight would be a perfect night for the lights to go out. I am happy, the rain makes a lovely clatter. I could light candles and practice the fiddle. Gata could sleep in peace.

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