Saturday, June 28

I've got 63 more years. In order to keep my optimistic view I'm only going to get news from equanimity. I've missed so much this week. I've been happy.

Joel sent me the loveliest email last night. I had meant to have a butterfly tatoo on my shoulder but I was wasn't wearing anything that showed my shoulder, so I didn't bother. How happy I was to get home and find that Joel was my butterfly!

I read what I wrote last night and decided not to fix any of the mistakes. Viva. Mark Weiss, there was not a yuppy there. I love Fiesta, but I'm glad it is not forever. I don't know how long I could keep it up.

Today we go to the Kinvara for some appreciation. First we will watch a Fiesta soccer match. How happy I will be! I should note that the birthday yesterday was for Jaime, treinte y tres. The guy who owns jalapenos. Played for some Costa Rican club as a youth. Same club as Roy Lassiter.

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