Friday, June 27

Morning in the garden first thing, cutting back the rose bush. Today I could only cut back the branches that were shooting out without any promise of flowers but I know I have to get the bush under control or it will take over the whole yard. I can cut it back after it blooms, maybe get something in there to support it.

I'm painting signs for the parking lot... lots of little yacht club brats and squammies park there leaving no place for my grandfather and charlotte and us. I have green and yellow and red paint from my dollhouse (still not finished- I got it to do with my grandmother, who loved dollhouses, but she died and Amanda, who was revamping her childhood dollhouse, finished). Charlotte was happy about the potential rasta color scheme, but the shades are just off enough that it really doesn't look rastafarian at all.

Today I think I will put a temporary tattoo of a butterfly on my shoulder, just so I don't have to wait for that feeling.

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