Friday, June 13

Why is it that when good music comes on the car radio I need to open the windows?

Hamer opened the pool and the boys and I went in yesterday. It was right cold, so they didn't stay in for long. I swam for a bit and did tricks for them.

Elizabeth, the kids, James and I went to Steve's on Railroad Ave for dinner. I had not gone there out of fear (everyday in middle and highschool it seemed like someone was fighting at Steve's) and because they had been very unpleasant to a friend of mine. After the insistence of Nate and others that the place was good and fine, and my realization that I should only have a grudge against one resturant in town at a time (it's Sugar Magnolia's now), we decided to gve it a try.

Everything was going well, albeit a bit chaotic. I was up at the counter getting drinks for James and I when this guy comes in and starts complaining about the salad he got, that it was old and there was brown lettuce in it. He dumps the thing out on the counter and starts to pick through it to find the bad lettuce. The owner, we'll call him Steve, starts picking through the lettuce as well. While doing this he determines that the guy couldn't have gotten that salad that day, as the chicken was cold, etc. The guy starts yelling about being robbed. Steve starts saying "You'll ait for a new salad." The guy says no, he wants his money back, and starts swearing up a storm. I go back to my seat. They are screaming, flinging arms, and my sister's kids are hearing every bad word one could think of. It really looks like it will get violent until the guy at the counter gave the customer his money back. Well, I went to Steve's, and it was all I expected and more.

Greg came to my sister's and brought the kids across the street to the baseball game. It really calmed knitting night down. When they got back he drew with tham at the kitchen table. I alsked Noah (4) to draw me a monkey on a vespa. What I got was great. I'll try to figure out pictures and put it up.

Well, I'm off to drive my dad to MGH.

The quilt got finished, but not until I was already at Knitting Night. We were having a baby shower for one of the girls.

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