Friday, June 20

My recital is over and I can honestly say I have never been so nervous as I was up there trying to get my bow across the strings. Nate called it the bow shakes. It seems to slacken the hairs of the bow, making playing seem nearly impossible. I don't recommend people wait until 27 for their first recital, but I am glad I did it.

I played Harvest Hornpipe and Down in the Valley. Both were fine, albeit not as good as when I was practicing. My father, half-sister, two nephews, James and Greg Cook (no relation) came. After the recital was over (I went last) Nate said we could play our songs again if we wanted. I played mine for my father and they were perfect then. I think next time will be easier, and I am certainly glad I did it. Other parents were impressed especially after they heard I had only been playing since the end of January. I really had a good time and was so excited my dad was there.

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