Friday, June 20

Drove up to Rowley today to go to the market. There are newly painted yellow lines down the middle of Essex, too bold for the town. 133 from Gloucester north has always been one of my favorite drives. I thought of stopping by the orchard but couldn't find anything close to an excuse. I was hungry anyway, so I made my way up tot he Agawam Diner. They were paving right before 133 and 1a split. I had to wait a while and was happy that the Clash was on the radio when I was finally able to pass the traffic cop. Windows down, music loud.

I sat at the counter at the diner. The place runs so smoothly. Plates popping up, milk from spouts, cooks and waitresses who don't need written orders. Milk shake machines. Coffee. Coconut cream pies. Regulars with cups of fish, iced coffees, no buns. Old men talking to pretty girls. Bun warmers. All in chrome.

(Quick note- this is where I used to get chocolate chip pancakes as a little girl).

The market was calm, nice, really. The deli man was amused with my order and asked to come over whenever we were eating. I didn't plan well and ended up with a lot of pickles. I don't mind that, in fact, I quite like it. Something usually makes me stop, there isn't enough room for so many kinds of pickles to be open at the same time. But I like pickles. And since everybody is coming over on Sunday I bought all the pickles that looked good to me. I got half sours, kosher dills, and jalapeno dills. I guess three kinds of pickles really isn't too bad. I also got a new flavor of Sandwich Pal. We have had jalapeno mustard and horseradish sauce, but since I got turkey for sandwiches, I got cranberry horseradish sauce. It looks a little scary but I like the idea of having a pink condiment.

I also went overboard on soda. I hope Jim comes on Sunday. I was thinking of him in the soda aisle. I bought everything that caught my eye: Orange Crush, Code Red, Squirt, Moxie and Chelmsford Golden Ginger Ale. I couldn't get myself to buy any of the special Coke or Pepsi flavors, although they are exciting. I don't really drink soda, so I hope Jim comes.

Just had a Jalapeno Baby Dill. Yummy.

I got Flavor Ice, a summer staple. Joy in a plastic tube. I was nearly tempted by Teenies but decided that with so much soda it would be too much.

I enjoy this practical sort of shopping. I can be an impulse shopper at the post office, if Lenny is in a good mood. If it's near five he'll kick me out without even seeing what kind of stamps he has.

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