Tuesday, June 24

A long swim made me feel much better. It's funny. I was thinking of Joel early, and his close relationship with butterflies. I was thinking of crush lists and that 'butterfly on the shoulder' feeling of joy you can get when you have a really nice moment with someone, i.e. the crush of the day. I thought I might have one of those happy moments today. But no, I get a mean mailman moment. So it goes.

I did have a nice peach today. In Beverly Farms there is a little fruit market that sells fancy and local fruit. I got a white saturn peach. It wasshaped like a ring of Saturn. The first bite was brilliant-- juice everywhere. I guess you can't expect to have a good peach moment and a butterfly moment in the same day.

I got enough peas out of the garden for dinner, and a few radishes from the second crop. I could harvest the broccoli but I think I'll wait for tomorrow, when my nephew Andrew will be here.

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