Saturday, June 28

back from fiesta, a bit gone....
left at about two to hear the kids play some punk rock down at the basement of the u.u. church in gloucester. let me tell you- that nick telles (brother of mike) has rock in his veins. ryan alto looks just like his brother, shilo.

left there at five, sushi and PBR at the sunny day (an unholy but lovey combination). soaking wet from the rain and toasty from the speckled hen and whiskey at the blackburn, got back to the u.u. to find the band we wanted to see wan't up for some time. the kids are alright.

onto the beach for junior greasy pole and the first junior girl's seine boat races. met with tad and jane and aiden (so cute) and kari and greg... got some good gossip then up for more espresso (had gelato earlier) and anna at cafe sicilia puts on her favorite tape and sings in italian to me... then to the procession with candles and flags from the gentleman who was a a c milan fan but remembered me from the champions league final.... waled st. peter to the alter then listened to speaches, god bless the militellos.

back to the blackburn for another beer but nothing going on but bad blues about to begin, run away to house of mitch. tonight i know all the bouncers and don't get my id checked much. another beer at house of mitch, ignored by my half sister as i walked in, then left with ghetto superstar as our exot music. just james and greg and i by now.

on to the rigger, where i know the bouncer who is, in fact, the owner. put quarters down, get a heineken. play pool well (thought it would be an embarassment), lost, but was bequeathed the table 'cuz jason (the by i played) had to go to a birthday party at jalapeno's). ended up playing tyson davis (no shit- tyson who had a crush on me in eighth grade). was doing real well but crossed that line form good at pool to just plain drunk. i lost but convinced him we shuld play doubles from then out-- he and i against his friends, brothers from lynnfield. side note- tyson looks good now, ska-rific with cap and a charming gap in hos front teeth.

made a couple lovely shots in the next game, most sigificantly a combination where i got two balls in at once, three in the turn. got the dj to play sexy motherfucker and shattered 9he had no ramones or clash). stole a sailor's hat for a while, but gave it back before i left (those boys get into trouble if they come home without their hats.... stripes are nothing really, can be replaced for less than a dollar and don't mean any disciplinary action....). saw the sox were living it up....

got a slice at valentino's then the blackburn once more but say goodbye- time for sleep. here i am and although i was stuck in thunder and lightening and completely drenched in the rain it is still hotter than hell so i'm off for a swim before i go to bed.

goodnight, my loves.


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