Thursday, August 28

Thursday morning, time for work. The weather is great today. I have a few shelves of rare stuff to work on, I am putting it off until 10:30. It's nice to be here in the office.

Shin Yu asked about red food. I bought a lot more red food than I served. When people started bailing I decided not to make so much. Here is the comprehensive list of red and mars-related foods I had in the house just in case mobs of people showed up:

red globe grapes * strawberry frosting, a jar of cherries and pink sno balls to decorate a cake I didn't make (don't you think sno balls make good craters?) * lots of tomatoes * red popsicles * mangoes * fresh cherries * pepperoni * milky way bars, big and small, and midnight * plums * nectarines * apples * red hot dots * sun-dried tomato tortillas * fruit punch * cranberry juice * after shock* nectarines * dinosaur egg plums, or pluots, I think they mght be called * strawberries * strawberry margarita slush (made with tequila, which keeps it a little soft) * sky bars

There may be more, I may ammend....

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