Friday, August 22

Friday night storms roll in. I sew the seams of sweaters watching the sky change lights. Just buttons left to put on sweaters for Aiden, 2, and her little brother, Cole, born yesterday. Working with wool is nicer after the warm weather broke.

So this is summer, and it is almost over. Tomorrow will be spent in Allston then Keene, for a big Hill Dinner. Should have talked to aaron about Keene first. Oh well.

It is good to finish something. I am always setting rules for myself. One I set often is not to start any more projects until I finish the ones I already have going. It never sticks. It takes so long to finish things that the impulse to create is over before they are done.

I like to gove things to people. I have someone in mind now that I am gathering little things for, although I probably won't end up giving them to her. A sheet of stickers, a book, a bracelet. I make care packages all the time. I don't always give them. All sorts of wonders inside. When I think about people I do things like that. Silly things. That's why I should always have your address.

We're of to Gerrit's now, to see Rob Norris. Fun fun!

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