Wednesday, August 6

I made a big party faux pas today by guessing a boy’s age based on his pissy attitude. He was 14; I was right. Like most kids his age he was perfectly good company once he wasn’t near his parents. We had a long conversation about Harry Potter and science fiction after; I don’t think he thinks I am a jerk now.

I probably wouldn’t have minded his attitude if I hadn’t just come from babysitting for Alex. He was great all day. He did his paper route and read without any nagging. He listened to my grandfather when we were at the pool, then gave me excalibur when we were playing pool, ‘cuz he had it last time. When I explained why I didn’t want to take his friends to jump off the bridge he understood and dropped it. Then, when his mother came home, he turned into a monster. Why do they do that? Did I do that?

I’ve decided to read Shin Yu’s blog. I’m not very good at casual reading, so I try to limit how many blogs I read. Otherwise I’d never leave the house and I would be pasty white with eyes like shiny marbles. The conversation about girls in the Boston scene made me wonder why I read mostly boy blogs. So I checked out Shin Yu’s. I think it will take the place of a boy blog to be named later, or never named.

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