Friday, August 29

My fun day of work yesterday turned into a day of dirty cleaning jobs. I can't blame my boss so much, he is in PA somewhere drinking whiskey and researching his next book proposal. It is my own fault for noticing. And today is another day of it. I wrote a grumpy post yesterday about it which was eaten by the post gods. It may be best that way.

I like the way Jordan is saying things lately. I've been thinking that sure isn't spelled the way I think it sounds lately. Other words, too. Sometimes I want to write the way it sounds, but that is sooo tricky. Could come out sounding like Vincent Ferrini instead of Kellman. I don't think it is a risk I can take.

My head hurts from dust etc. I think I will go home for lunch to let things settle before I finish. I'm trying to decide whether I should go to New York for a book fair the first weekend of September.

Salad and gazpacho are calling me, I'm off for a bit.

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