Wednesday, August 6

I have done something. Not exceedingly well, mind you, but something.

My garden is proof that one should not overplant then leave a garden alone for the month of July. This morning I staked all my tomatoes, some branches are nearly broken from the weight of the fruit. I have a tremendous crop of ragweed that I am working on removing. I accidentally pulled up most of my leeks; weeds and grass were so think I forgot they were there.

I am working on making my desk in the living room a suitable place for a sewing machine. Maye then I can finish something. I am bringing the sweater I am making for Aiden with me when I babysit today; I have to finish it befor her little brother is born. I am nearly done with the front, still have the sleaves to do, and then I have to out it (and the matching sweater for the baby) together. Generally I am against matching outfits, but I think Aran sweaters for infants and two-year-olds are an exception.

This is progress, right?

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