Friday, August 8

I nearly got into a car accident today. It kinda shook me up. I was on my way to Knitting Night when this truck parked in front of Captain Hook’s just pulled out in front of me. No directional, no look, no nothing. The streets were wet and I nearly didn’t stop in time. The guy just pulled out, never mind the screeching tires, and just drove along, leaving me at a slight diagonal, barely out of the way of oncoming traffic.

I finished the front of Aiden’s sweater yesterday and did a sleeve today. Hopefully by Sunday I will be putting it together.

My garden looked better with all the weeds in it, but my neighbors will be happier now that all the ragweed is gone. I picked a lemon yellow tomato today. Ate my first red tomato this morning. Planted some portulaca today; this evening’s rain should help it some. My mint is still happy.

My father has some new pain. It worries me. My boss’s wife told me my mother came home. I still don’t know where she was. My parents make me sad sometimes. Not sad for me, but sad for them. I hope they are okay.

Good dinner tonight at Lobsta Land- Wild striped bass in a Cajun tomato sauce with lobster broth, littlenecks and mussels. Spicy and yummy.

The boys in the kitchen are talking about California and the governor’s race. Is it really a better place to live?

I think I am going to bed.

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