Monday, August 4

I am amazed at how grumpy I can be at times. Maybe my usual well-adjusted self likes to concentrate all grumping into one or two evenings every so often, leaving me pleasant the rest of the time. I apologize to all who have been affected.

Alex proclaimed today that he is too old for a babysitter. I told him it was okay, I am too old to be a babysitter. Both are true. Still, we will continue. I explained that if we stopped now I wouldn’t be able to form his mind just how I like it. I have to say it is coming along well. Today, completely unprompted, he cursed SUV’s, proclaimed he hated when a Starbucks opens near a local coffee shop, recognized the Flaming Lips were on at Mystery Train, read when I asked him to, and nearly beat me at pool. The kid’s gonna be okay.

Looks like I won the Dante’s Ass award. Thanks, Chris.

I missed Sunday at the Grand this week and am feeling a little low on poetic crushes. I think I’ll wait a little bit and see if anybody woos me. Hit me with your best shot.

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