Thursday, August 21

In St. John, bowling means candlepin. No questions asked. A sign near Sackville: Bowling + Beer = Fun. At the diner along the highway a Brando Burger and a shake will get you a free pass to the drive-in.

Sitting on rocks ina river, figuring things out. Frogs crossing paths, trees creaking, berries blue and other. I have things to say to people, but Ican't get them to listen. I have things to ask people but I can't find them. The river makes a perfect place to get this kind of work done. I would have needed a bus to get everyone there. No, it was perfect as it was: too much would be too much. Us. Alone.

Last week was crazy for body and family and friends and lines. Chris, I should have taken a train home after we parted on Wednesday. By Friday I was ready to run away and that's just what we did. Two moose on the road!

James has what we did in lists. Sometimes my list would be different. Not by much, though.

I am in a Hallmark stage.

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