Friday, August 1

I am wasting time.

I brought six volumes of Cook's Voyages home to collate, all freshly rebound in hand-tooled leather over marbled boards. Good kitchen-table work.

I am shopping online. Our connection is so slow that shopping is ridiculous-- it takes so long to see anything. There are some things I think I need, some things I know I don't need but I sure do want, and lots of things in between. I am mostly looking for cowgirl boots and window shades.

I think new bed stuff would be nice, but I would have to get something I have fabric to make a quilt to match. I found satin bedding that would look good with some of the origami-print fabrics I have, but I don't know about satin. Seems pretty girly. And maybe slimy feeling. I would love nice egyptian cotton sheets. Maybe I should paint my bedroom. No, the light hits the angles in it in a lovely way that makes shadows like in Andrew Wyeth paintings now. If I paint a room it will be the living room.

My bathroom plan: hook a rug in a huge shell shape and paint the back wall in a mural like the Birth of Venus- reeds and waves and wind blowing across. That way I could be Venus when I get out of the tub.

Maybe I should just go collate Cook. So many plates.

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