Monday, August 11

Monday morning brings the end of a weekend, and what a weekend. Saturday morning to Boston to watch Celtic tie Dumfermline (they should have won... grrr). Then back to Gloucester for a quick visit with my dad, home for a bit, then to Gerrit's to visit with him and Simon. Simon!

James left us to go see the Tempest. We went to the Rhumbline for cabaret. SUKEY TAWDRY were lads of fun. Went downstairs with Mike so he could smoke and we could check out the baseball game. I saw the guy I met on the train a month or so ago when I was drunk and heading home from fiesta... I had just been to a Red Sox game and The Irish Embassy.

Martinis knock a girl's socks off. Olives make her happy.

We had dinner after the show, then back to Gerrit's to find Jim Dunn! Ice cream and singing and happy to be with people I am so fond of...

Sunday at the Grand, after missing last week I was happy to see everybody. Dan Bouchard made a guest lecture on women in the scene. I worked on the neckband of the baby sweater. Joel Sloman had a fun fun poem. Mick Carr was as hip as ever. Xtina and Mark left early to Fung Wa-it to NY. Mike and James started the Panelist movement; it was quickly ended. Tim arrived and considered Immigration of Birds. Chris was quiet, but when he said something it mattered. What did I forget?

Home again for some rest. Gerrit, Simon, Mike, Patrick, Ariane, Zac, Tim, James and met at Thai Choice for dinner. So much fun after, so much fun the whole time. If only Simon Pettet would forego the glamour and convenience of NYC to move to Gloucester. It's the new New York, they say.

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