Thursday, August 14

Going in on the train, finding Moon Palace was actually Leviathan. Curt words from the conductor the alone inside the book. Off the platform walking along when Joshua! 7-year-old tug at my skirt, gentle smile and Hello Amanda with the magic of seeing someone in an unexpected place. He being of at least two worlds, on a trip to Boston with his mother seeing me. I only know his dad and he only knows me there.

To exist no matter which parent you are with—that your whole being isn’t tied to them—the crossing of worlds makes your self more than just a mirror but a place of its own. Growing up there were two worlds. Different friends different clothes different toys different books different food and none of it really passing over to the next part of the week. Each time we changed placed (Mom to Dad, and back again) was a devaluation of the place we had just left. Finding something in one world that belongs to the other blurs the separation, starts to make your whole life your own.

Joshua’s mum quickly called him back, not knowing who I was. But how happy I was to see him!

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