Monday, September 29

Monday, Monday and the v. boys beat the blue devils. Still chilly from watching the game by the canal. Soup's warmin'.

Busy weekend, busy as a bee. Friday to Tufts then Kingston K o' C then Medford. Saturday to Allston then Gloucester to cut sheep out of wood and sew and to Watertown and quick stops in Brighton and Somerville to drop off the friends then back to Gloucester. Sunday to Medford then home and happily so. And everything was lovely.

I'm getting ready to go to Seattle. Happy Seattle! What to pack? What to bring? Cowboy boots and velvet dress, knitting and Moomin book. Funky shoes and cozy pajamas. Paper for letter writing. Jeans and a hairbrush.

Origami paper?

I finished nearly everything on my list today. Had the boys for a bit, that interupted the list-doing and coffee after with my sister as well. I need to go food shopping tomorrow. Morning, I think, nice and early.

Blues is happening in the living room.

This week my crushes are as follows:

10. Aaron Tieger
9. Gerrit Lansing
8. Joe Torra
7. Xtina Strong
6. Mark Lamoureux
5. Mick Carr
4. Joel Sloman
3. Chris Rizzo
2. Shin Yu Pai
1. Jim Behrle

I typed Lansing as Landsing at first. I like it that way. Gerrit Landsing landsong sing song Gerrit. Last week someone searched for gerrit + lansing + chicken and ended up here.

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