Thursday, October 2

Viva Viva SeaTac!

Got to Seattle last night. Dinner at Malay Satay. Kind of in the international district. Home to set up my bed on Amanda's floor (a futon brought up from downstairs) then out to the Pac Inn down the street. A couple beers, a very bad game of pool (on my part), a heartbreaking baseball game and a good night's sleep after.

This morning we had oatmeal with salmonberry syrup. Are cloudberries and salmonberries the same thing? We made our way on the 44 to the Ballard Locks. Big fish jumping. Jump, fish, jump! To Archie McFee's on the way home, then a couple of Scandinavian gift stores. I was looking for Moomins but didn't find any. I finished the second Moomin book Joel lent me on the plane. What I wouldn't do for my own Little My.

We went to a Norwegian food shop. Babs got a tube of smoked herring pate for Neil. I got a little piece of almond cake and, a moment later, a hot dog. The women were t alking about them in a way that it seemed sinful to leave without the option of trying one. So much better than American hot dogs! You'll never want to eat any other kind of sausage! How could I resist? I don't know when I will eat it.

We're going for coffee now (they have thebest computers and coffee and smack here, I heard). Then on the First Thursday Art Walk. We hope to see beaded oddities and pornographic needlepoint.

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