Sunday, October 12

A quick note on baseball:

After discussing the ugliness of yesterday's game over and over and over again, I've come to understand that I really don't like that part of the game. James talked at length about the violence that is inherent in sport. I understand that there will be some violent actions, but bench clearing? Coaches swinging at players?

I understand that intimidation and retaliation are part of the game. A pitcher has to throw inside. Occasionally he will hit a player. There will be hard slides, hard tags, hard plays. Fine. Good, tough playing is fine with me.

But keep it in the play. I am sick of this extra drama. There are 4 umps on the field, 6 for playoffs. Can't they keep some sort of order? As far as I am concerned, starting toward the mound is not okay. Coaches yelling at umps, screaming in their faces, is not okay. Benches clearing is not okay. If a basketball player leaves the bench, he is ejected. A soccer coach can be ejected if he leaves his box. Even in football coaches don't rush onto the field.

Why is this behavior okay in baseball?

There were some great plays in yesterday's game that will never get a second glance because f the rumble in the fourth inning. What about Damon coming back from his concussion, getting a few (albeit questionable) hits and catching a ball right off the wall, or that nice double play late in the game? Completely overshadowed.

I love baseball. Really. But I would like to see a little more accountability for bad behavior, both for players and coaches. Someone walks toward the mound? Eject them. A coach runs out onto the field? Eject them. Benches clear? Gone.

I know this is asking a lot, but unless the tone of baseball changes, ugly behavior will continue. This activity outside of plays takes away from the game. Come on, guys, play ball.

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