Tuesday, October 7

So here we are in the Seattle rain. I spent the day running around Capitol Hill, drinking beverages of all sorts. I replaced the Buzzcocks pin I lost in Maine this summer. I wrote postcards to my nephews. I browsed.

Met up with Babs and Angie to go to the Hot House Spa for steam and dry saunas, hot tub and cold plunge. Met Jess upstairs after at the lesbian bar upstairs and watched in horror as Johnny "Monchichi" Damon and Damian Jackson banged heads. Drank a pint-sized martini. Went for pho.

My crush list this week is Seattle-based and, I'm sorry to say, barely a poet on there. Lots of oceanographers, though.

10. Gus
9. David
8. John Mickett
7. Colin
6. Jess
5. Angie Dickens
4. Mark
3. Neil Banas
2. The Goodship (Lisa, Christie and Susan)
1. Babs!

Gus we met at the Pac Inn, watched the Sox together and enjoyed talk about Massachusetts... David is a bouncer at The Kells and a member of the Celtic Supporter Club out there... he talked to us and made us feel welcome at the bar at 4:30 Saturday morning... John Mickett kept me entertained at the First friday Kegger... Colin sand along to Leanord Cohen songs, but in a gentle, background sort of way... Jess showed up tonight! Angie is always nice to see... Mark was fun at the party and tea in the morning and such a nice voice for cowboy songs! Neil put up with me monopolizing Amanda and is amusing and sweet... the Goodship, well, such a nice group of girls, and they let me stay here! Susan, what you said at the party right back at you, if I wasn't, etc. Christie is the best example of "the adult thing to do" and still be a great person*. I'd want Lisa on my side in a bar fight, or if I were sad I'd want her around, or if I wanted to have a rockin' kick-ass time. And Babs, well, Miss Amanda Babson is just about the best friend in the world. And a decent shot at pool.

We're going to bed soon, tired from eating too much and wet from the rain. G'night, Seattle. G'night, home.

*"The adult thing to do" is what my boss says to me. It means to do things right without putting up with or giving much shit.

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