Thursday, October 16

My dental hygenist this morning was a man. I wasn't ready for that. Posters of the inside of a cockpit, him on a motorcycle, Swedish and Italian flags. I wonder where the last hygenist went.

Clean teeth new brush free is always cheaper. Looking at the mess around the house and not doing a thing about it. Leaving for Buffalo in the morning and what does a girl bring to Buffalo? To Boston, to Boston, jiggedy-jig, no time to pack anyway. Unless you count now.

Packed books today for a fair in Springfield. I won't be there. Found some good books, some lovely books, folios, facsimile reprints, firsts, etc. Lovely Canterbury Tales, illustrated by Kent, 2 vols. First English of Freud's Interpretation of Dreams. Brownies and Water Babies.

Packing up my violin before my lesson scared to death by a spider, black with white on the back. Spent some time catching it, locked it in an old plastic container. Grabbed my spider book and ran off (late already) to my lesson. Tried to identify it but my book isn't so good.

I am afraid of spiders. Mostly the brown recluse, or the Violin Spider. I know this is not a recluse but I am nervous about letting it go until I know what it is: one needn't fear what one knows (although I would like to keep that option). I will try again when I get home tonight. If there is one spider there may be more. I would like to to have to be afraid of this kind altogether.

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