Friday, September 5

In trying to perfect shopping locally while avoiding the evil Shaws monster I ended up with too much food for dinner. My first stop, IGA, where I got enough for tonight and tomorrow. Haddock, chicken, veggies. Salt and Vinegar chips for when I pick James up, because he will be too hungry, I know.

Then, on the way home, I notice the Pigeon Cove Fish Market is open. I'd never been there, so I thought I should try it. Steamers and smoked mackeral. Couldn't resist.

Driving up past Folly Cove and there are Harry's vegetables. Organic, grown on a ledge hanging out over the sea. James had one of his first good tomatoes from Harry's farm. I don't need tomatoes at all, but I got some anyway. A bag of plum tomatoes, a bag of new potatoes, a big zucchini and two green peppers. Put the money in the little green box. I almost got beets but I don't think James likes them.

Now I don't know what to cook for dinner. Steamers in white wine with garlic and parsley? Haddock done in a similar fashion? Salad, of course, but maybe justa tomato salad with basil. I should cook rice before I pick James up so the rest of dinner is fast. Maybe I'll pick up a bottle of Moxie on the way. That would make him happy.

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