Wednesday, September 10

I keep waiting until night to write, and by the time I do, I am very tired.

Today I had coffee at the Sunny Day and finished the back of the sage green sweater. I brought Gerrit a piece of pie and cast on for the front of the sweater while he caw-cawed to the crows. Joe arrived and after a brief piano interlude he and Gerrit went mushrooming. I went home.

I cleaned my room waiting for my mother to call. She had left two worrisome messages while I was out. After she called I cleaned my room while I was waiitng for her to come over. I like that slow sort of cleaning that involves sorting through things. It makes me feel like I have some sort of control over my life.

I went to the bank and to get coffee for James and myself. Walked in on a school newspaper meeting. Left the car and sat in the sun by the canal waiting for my sister to pick me up.

We went to the mall. Yikes, the mall. But we had a great time. She left most of her kids playing with a neighbor, so it was just her, Elijah and me. I got cowboy boots (ordered, they should be here this week), Star Wars guys for Noah for Xmas (E. is due to have her 5th in December, so we are trying to get all the shopping and making done early. And the guys were only $1.99 each). I bought a vacuum for my mother for her birthday. And bags and belts. And the service plan for when she breaks it, which she will. She always breaks vacuums. On Friday morning I am going to go over and help her clean.

Back to Gloucester, met James and TJ (just turned 21) at the Blackburn. Drank a Newcastle, then back to my sister's for the highlight of the day: Elijah's first steps!

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