Tuesday, September 9

It is so late again!

I had a good day today. Got a lot of things done. Little things, big things, lots of things. Washed the yellow flannel sheets for the guest bed and made it for whomever is next. mopped the kitchen floor. Finished Samantha's quilt and the quilt for Cole. Matched socks. Phone calls and money stuff. Stopped by and did my mother's dishes. Had cappuccino at Cafe Sicilia. Watered the plants. Babysat.

Yestrday I put all of my cotton fabrics for patchwork away in document storage boxes. It fits nicely and is easy to get to now. I have a box of Asian fabrics. Another for juvenle prints and brightly colored fabrics. A box for solids, stripes and dots. One box that has the vintage blue fabrics I have gathered for a quilt, the Hawaiian fabric Babs got me, African fabric and the fairy fabric I am saving for a baby quilt shold I ever have a baby. A box full of calico and flowers. The last is full of fabric that reminds me of fall, beaches, maps and wood.

I may put my beads in boxes next. I have 6 more boxes. I like the way they fit in the closet in the kitchen hall.

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