Thursday, September 18

So tired! A nice tired, though, not grumpy but weary with all that is done. Days are full and long but in the end happy.

I woke this morning with a bit of a woozy head, too much of yesterday yesterday. Mid-week matches tend to get me in trouble. My cider went from the usual size to 20 ounces, and I'm still in the regular rounds. Ouch.

My sister came over with the boys this morning. We overcame our fear of the band saw by cutting out little wooden sheep and a shepherd for her Sunday School class. I don't believe in that stuff but she does. I do believe in helping her. I do believe in power tools. We also found and used hand drills. Big holes to put the posts in, small holes in the posts to thread a fence though. I am amazed at what we finished and want to make more wooden things.

I had my first violin lesson in a long long time today. I am nervous again about reading music. My bow hold and posture are still okay. Nate says my tone is good. My September Resolution is to practice more.

Daniel, Andrew and Noah slept over on Tuesday night. We covered all the furniture in the living room with old Star Wars sheets. Made a big sleep-over haven. I moved the coffee table from the living room into the kitchen. We all sat on the floor for dinner. The chicken took forever. We started with mashed potatoes and green beans while we were waiting. When the bird was finally done the boys tore into it. Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys.

Celtic lost yesterday. Ouch. Marcus Hedman is not my friend. Ben came to see the match and shared some curry chips. Zac showed up after. I like being drunk in the middle of the day. I don't drink all that often during the school year, mostly during these mid-week matches and special events. I like to make it matter.

Couldn't get on to Blogger yesterday or the day before. Oh well. I think it was something to do with my computer and connection. Maybe my absence of several days at a time will add to my mystique.

If not, my cowboy boots will.

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