Monday, September 15

I've been on a bit of a blog vacation. Really an internet vacation. My connection at home has been very very bad, kicking me off every time I try to do anything. I haven't had the patience to stick to it. I've done a lot of other things in the time I could have spent grumpily reconnecting.

I'm sorry, everyone who has emailed me that I haven't responded to yet. Soon.

I had a horrific Friday and a good and bad Saturday and a lazy Sunday and a decent Monday. Thursday also happened.

High points of the last few days: P and A's party, knitting a ball and a hat (short rows- gotta love 'em), sleeping lots on Saturday, chocolate ice cream and kahlua, finding the keys I lost a long time ago (months) in the toy box, devoting Sunday to American football and a bad bad movie, getting email from Simon Pettet, getting some good cleaning and reorganizing done, lunch with my Dad (I wish I called him Da... lunch with my Da sounds nice), my cowboy boots coming in the mail and fitting.

Low points of the last few days: My da feeling too sick to stay in Boston for his second appointment, Johnny Cash dying, spilling a bowl of Murphy's Oil Soap on myself (knocked over by a vacuum as I was trying to clean under a table), spiders, my mom's breakdown, feeling cruddy cruddy cruddy all weekend, another fish dying.

Some things are getting done, and I like that. Things with me ma are up and down. Today she sounds very together, makes a lot of sense, seems pretty happy, but reports that the clouds in Rockport terrorized her all day. I can understand how they would. I guess that's fine; being sensitive to the atmosphere is better than being miserable.

I bought a ticket to go to Seattle at the beginning of October. Cowboy booys to wear to Seattle!

I got cider donuts today. Took a back road to get them. On the way I found a big chalk board on the side of the road marked 'free'. I grabbed it for my sister, who is homeschooling her boys and is just about to make a classroom for them. Happy for cider donuts and chalk boards!

I missed seeing so many poets this week. My crush list is just fond thoughts as I sit here. The bad movie I saw last night had a moment in which George Clooney was explaing to J Lo a feeling similar to my butterfly on your shoulder feeling. Here are my butterflies for the week.

10 Aaron Tieger
9 Mark Lamoureux
8 Mick Carr
7 Xtina Strong
6 Joel Sloman
5 Chris Rizzo
4 Joe Torra
3 Gerrit Lansing
2 Mike County
1 Simon Pettet

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