Monday, July 7

What a day. I spent hours at Beverly Hospital with 12-year-old Alex, who fell off his skateboard and broke his wrist. Hours. How many times did I say I wasn't his mother? I can't be blamed for the lack of wrist guards. How many times did I amswer as his mother? I can't be blamed for being tired of explaining that I wasn't.

So I was left with nothing to do but consider my crush list. If anyone can write me a poem that makes me forget the two hours of Judge Judy I watched in the waiting room at radiology you will definitely earna spot for next week. If you make me forget Judge Judy and the news I watched in the ER waiting room and the Will and Grace I saw in the room waiting for the pediatrician (?) I will love you forever.

Here we go. All apologies, and then some.

10.Nick Piombino
9. Aaron Tieger
8. Timitha Doane
7. Xtina
6. Mike County
5. Gerrit Lansing
4. Mark Lamoureux
3. Mick Carr
2. Joel Sloman
1. Ken Irby

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