Wednesday, July 9

I'm with Alex again. Poor kid, his guinea pig is in the smal animal hospital. Doesn't look good.

Tonight Babs and I are going out to the duck camp near Hog Island (if anybody saw the somewhat-recent versionof the crucible, it was filmed there). No electiricty, no running water, no way to leave after the tide goes out. It is lovely. The rain that has just started will keep it cool out there. We are going to bring out corn, peas from the garden, steamers and beer for dinner. There is a little stove out there. Bunk beds and sleeping bags, big table and chairs, up on stilts with the water running underneath.

One year we ran out of gas on the way home and had to push the boat (walking along the marshes, then swimming behind it) until we got some help. Another year I kept handinh Babs powdered donettes as we were on the way home and before she knew it she had eaten most of the box (thinking I was eating them as well). I was a bad friend then. Still, we are getting powdered donettes for breakfast.

I have a funny Alex story. Yesterday we stopped at Fun Among Us to get some one-handed activities. Alex picked out this pooping pig keychain. We had been at the toy store for some time looking around when Alex had to go to the bathroom. He walked up to the girl at the register and said "I have to", then pointed at the pig. She said, "You have to buy that?" Alex said "No, I have to" and he squeezed the pig.

Gotta love that kid.

Xtina, why don't you come over Saturday night? We can bring you back in on Sunday.

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