Tuesday, July 1

Morning has come and they're taking down the locust in the backyard. Had dinner at my Dad's last night to celebrate my brother's birthday. I got him three big slim jims. There's a story behind that, but he deserved more. Cut my finger on a cat food can.

I would go out to watch them take the tree down if I felt like getting dressed. As it is I can bend my neck (bend it like beckham) and see out the window (i'd rather bend it like moravcik). Maybe with coffee I could go out. The recycling bin is too full for zac to come home. And soon Babs! I can't wait.

The crush list was nearly a mess this week. San Pietro was nearly number one, with dire consequences. James had to convince me he wasn't a poet. It's crazy, this tree coming down.

I love that inplaceofchairs has posts by Christopher, not Chris. That's nice.

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