Thursday, July 31

Gerrit Lansing showed up as Johnny Cash for dinner at Jalapeno’s before his reading. Met Patrick Doud on the street (where he crouched and watched as I tried to park in an impossible space). Pirate talk and margaritas and Tim and Xtina were late but no worry, Jim Dunn kept us rowdy…

So many people up at Artspace there was no room to sit and people I haven’t seen in months or years and people I don’t really know but that know me, people people people. Open mic with the muffin man and Spleen and Adam with a bass and Bob singing about CNN and thank goodness when Jack Evans read. Look for his chapbook this fall from Pressed Wafer. Jack moved his used record store, Mystery Train, to Gloucester several years ago. I like Jack. I’m sure somebody else will write about his reading, maybe Xtina or James. If they don’t I’ll give it a try.

Gerrit charms me out of my shoes all the time. He gave a great reading, lots of city stuff, some pointed and political, and his lovely spring poem at the end.

Nice to see Kevin G. out in Gloucester.

I have to go to work now, it’s been a long time since I’ve done that. Wish me luck.

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