Friday, July 4

Good morning, good day. I am in voice conservation mode. If poets can't flirt then there is no hope for America. That is my Independence Day Proclamation.

The kitchen at my house is nearly clean from all of the cooking yesterday. I don't know how Gerrit's is. This morning a big Bud truck woke me up. My sister came over with the boys to walk in the parade (once around the block- everybody on foot or bike, wearing red, white and blue, Molly up front dressed as the Statue of Liberty, an impromptu band of Squammies close behind). I stayed up on the porch and played God Bless America on the violin as the parade passed- not so well, as it was the first time I had played it, and I was just guessing really. I think I will take a nap in the sun today. Sox game this afternoon.... yum.

Thank you everybody for coming last night. I love you all.

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