Wednesday, July 2

I didn't sleep so well last night, if at all. Worry worry worry bug. Near 1 a boat limped into the cove, no lights but covered in flairs. The light shone right into my window and what with the howling at the beach across the water (coyotes, i think) and the moon i couldn't keep my eyes closed. I'm worried about my father. I wish I called him Da.

My violin lesson went well, I'm working on the swallowtail jig mostly. And one finger scales. So much to learn. Then lunch with Patrick. We met at the clam box, where I played for him, then went to the Agawam for lunch. I wasn't ready to face the day after that, so we went to Plum Island for ice cream. Mine melted all over me, but I did pretty well. I am notoriously slow at eating ice cream. I have some in my hair now, and a bit on my skirt.

Supermarket, down to business, but I have a butterfly on my shoulder. Back home and Zac is here, yeah, with an agave treat for this evening. My friends, they go away, but they come back.

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