Tuesday, July 29

Just helped Mike County move to Gloucester. Come on, guys, all the cool kids are doing it. The North Shore. It's the new New York. But without the Yankees. Thank goodness.

Domestic compromises. With roses from the garden on the window sill next to the bed there will inevitably be rose petals on the floor. With the bed so close to the window the vacuum won't fit in that space. I will not give up the roses.

I am so tired lately, since I got off the boat. I don't quite know why.

Two notes in the saga of Gata:

I hung a sign on the front hedge saying that she was missing and asking anyone to call if they knew where she was. I was on the bed when I heard a group of little girls read the sign out loud to eachother. They started to call out for Gata as they continued their walk. An hour or so later, they called. They had seen what they thought was Gata on the road that goes behind our house. When I went out to the backyard she was there, answering my calls with nervous meows. I don't know where she went when she was out, but god bless little girls.

The Xtina-Nick-Gata confusion: Saturday Xtina emailed James and asked how I was. James replied that I was talking to Gata. In the time between when he sent the message and when she read it, Gata went missing. Sometime after that Nick asked Xtina about Gata. She told him Gata was found. I read on Nick's blog that Gata was found an hour or two before she was.

I apologize for not putting links in all the time. I think everybody I mention is listed in my links. I am lazy or tired or both. You decide. I think tired, so I will go to sleep. G'night.

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