Friday, July 11

So the duck camp...

Yesterday afternoon's rain left the water empty of boaters and the air free from bugs. The sky was cloudy with rays of the light, the water smooth as glass. We got to Essex quickly and decided to swing by Conomo Point, then to Farnham's for fried clams, onion rings and Moxie, which we ate floating inthe marsh just yards away from 133. Took a back waterway (behind Hog Island) tot he camp, which was left open by the adults (Babs's uncle and cousin) who had been there the night before. That wouldn't have been bad, but they left it unlocked and left the propane on.

We got settled in just in time to sit on the back deck (a few planks covered in mussels dropped by the gulls) to watch the sunset. Went inside after and started cooking our real dinner (the Farnham's trip was a whim; we shared a small box). Steamers steamed in beer, celery and onion, served with garlic parsley butter (parsley from the garden), corn on the cob, and peas from the garden. A couple beers each and the end of the Red Sox game on the little radio. Went to bed, didn't want to swim (even though the tide was right) for fear that it would wake up up.

We slepy longer than usual for being out there and rose long after the sun. Breakfast of oatmeal and powdered donettes, and instant coffee. Sunbathing, then swimming, then drying off in the sun. We closed up camp and headed home.

The mouth of the bay was filled with rolling breakers, some whitecaps. We should have known since we heard the bell buoy from camp. Babs did a wonderful job guiding the whaler through the waves. We didn't get swamped, which I was amazed at riding up and down those waves. Went wide around the san bar, the waves were breaking there. Babs dropped me off at my dock. Up through the garden and home again!

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