Saturday, December 13

Trying to make room for the holidays in an apartment with way too much stuff. We found the perfect angel for on top of the tree today, something to replace the white dove who has lost his eyes over the years. A skeleton fiddler with wings.

Looked for a meat-of-the-month club for my brother. I know meat is bad but he sure likes it. Turns out meat is more of a corporate gift- I found "corporate gift plans" that would deliver a different meat each month for only $399-$600.

Gata just bit the soft part of my arm.

What a funny season this is. In one store in Portsmouth we heard Disintegration, but it was drowned out by bad carols every time the door opened. Rampant holiday shopping and anti-war rally collide. The middle-class in Starbucks, the rich shopping in quieter side streets. Fancy underwear and "art" stores.

I recommend buying used for the holiday. So much depends on us spending every red cent over these few months. Why not support the people on the fringes of society who make their living selling things they've picked up at yard sales? It's all about redemption.

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