Tuesday, December 2

I've done some turkey manipulation this evening that has me questioning why...

I am a firm advocate of trading leftovers but I may have gone too far today. When I offered to take some from my sister so they wouldn't go to waste I got more than I bargained for.

2 gallon bags of turkey
a bowl of Greek stuffing (rice, tomato, meat, raisons, etc.)
a bag of more traditional stuffing
squash and sweet potato soup with pancetta

Some turkey cut for a pot pie, wings and drumstcks in a pot to make a broth. Boil and bubble, toil and trouble. Joy of Cooking barbecue sauce (a little pungent, methinks).
Have you ever had pulled turkey in barbecue sauce? Me neither, but it is on the stove now. Pot pie with a gravy made with minced onions and mushrooms and the broth from the bones.

I have seen so much turkey tonight I don't think I can eat any of it.

On another note, someone got here searching for American politicians with fish names.

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