Wednesday, December 3

Bibliogal was talking about dangling words... I want to say here that I love the lettering of signatures in uppercase then lowercase then AA and aa and mmmix(meaning the ninth page of signature mmm). I sold a book at the Garage fair (now held at the Hyatt)from Bartleby's booth (we share a booth, the he and G do the big fair at the Hynes). I forget the title or the author, something scientific with a small hole in one of the pages. The man who bought the book was impressed when I was able to find the page. He didn't realize the signatures were lettered.

I think Bibliogal would like Kenneth Karmoile's books. His books are pretty. White books, they call them, bound in vellum instead of leather. White books travel better than brown books. Brown books make red dust. But modern firsts pack easily.

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