Saturday, December 27


We are having our famous New Year's Eve party again. We would like you to be there.

Here's the story:
Starting at 7 in the morning we celebrate as each time zone enters the New Year. We drink Vodka for Russia, Singha for Thailand, moonshine from Cape Breton Island for the Maritime Provences.

Food will be served. There will be homemade candy. Homemade sushi. Homemade eggnog. There will be much, much more.

Come for one time zone or stay all day. Kids are welcome, especially before we cross the Atlantic. Come for Greenland, the Akavit will be cold. We will have nonalcoholic beverages as well, for those of us who need them. But not thematic by time zone.

Email if you would like to come. We would love to have you.

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